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IPNS, ISO Certified 9001:2008 UAE based Solutions Consulting System Integration Company established in 2010, is a leading provider of business enabling solutions in the field of Telecommunication, Information Technology, Security & Networking that ensures our customers get an end to end solution at the best of the breed, cost effective and high quality Products which meet the needs of our client.


Thermal Camera

Thermal camera that identifies elevated Temperatures in Human body from a distance & decreases the probability of contact through multiple face recognition. We are a Premium Thermal Camera Solutions Provider, offering Installation and Maintenance across major industries in Abu Dhabi.

Thermal Cameras or Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera detects elevated body temperatures that may be an indication of a fever, a prominent symptom of the Coronavirus. Thermal cameras & solutions functions as an adjunctive diagnostic tool helping to detect people with a potential fever and may contain or limit the spread of the Coronavirus through the identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. Thermal cameras function as a vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperatures and fevers. Thermal cameras are installed at entrances of offices, high crowd areas, hospital entrances, people flow entrances, mall entrances, residential entrances to efficiently detect fever using thermal cameras in high-risk groups such as shoppers, health care providers, travelers, students, miners, factory and office workers.

Security Camera

Intelligent Professional Network Solutions is one of the foremost CCTV camera providers setting up installation solutions for CCTV security cameras, DVR, PTZ Camera, WDR camera, IP Camera, CCTV control room and CCTV security monitoring room in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We do Infrastructure Solutions for CCTV camera, DVR, PTZ Camera, WDR Camera, IP Camera, Cable running, Cable conduits, CCTV Security Camera, setting up CCTV control room, setting up state of the art CCTV security monitoring room with the large scale development in Abu Dhabi.

Intelligent Professional Network Solutions provide domestic to large scale industrial solutions covering single to 1000’s of cameras deployed up to a global scale. Some solutions allow watching videos on monitors to PCs and mobile phones. The deployment and installation of CCTV cameras in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for any kind of business or house requirements are guaranteed by us.

MCC Certification

We are ADMCC certified integrator of documentation and CCTV installation for approvals.
We follow MCC Standard for CCTV Systems according to the Monitoring and Control Center Law in Abu Dhabi. As a MCC Certified system integrator, we can help you to implement or upgrade your current CCTV system to meet MCC standard and more in Abu Dhabi

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