Alcatel Telephone Systems

An effective and reliable communication system is vital to the success of your business.
Without a reliable phone system, you may be prone to missing or dropping calls from customers, which could lead to a dramatic loss in revenue.
Also, an ineffective communication system with fellow employees can lead to decreased productivity and efficiency. In either case, an unreliable phone system could dramatically affect your bottom line.
By using Alcatel phones, you will be able to avoid all of these problems. Trying to fix a faulty phone system can take up much of your valuable time - time which you should be spending doing the work you are supposed to be doing.
With Alcatel phones, customer service and employee efficiency will be maximized. To find the Alcatel phone system that will best suit your business, browse through our inventory of Alcatel Phones*.

Alcatel OmniTouch Phones

Understanding both the IT and communication network environments positions us as a trusted partner who supports the full lifecycle from advisor to integrator, to implementer and operator.
Designed for large and growing businesses who utilize any level of applications from basic to the most advanced. With VoIP support the Alcatel Lucent PABX Telephone system is even capable of providing multi-location ISDN Private Networking communication effectively consolidating all remote branches onto one telephone system. All of the rich suite of CTI applications is available to improve efficiency and increase productivity. From call center to office networking.

solution for large, advanced call centers where high call volumes need to be handled efficiently. The Alcatel Lucent Telephone systems make call handling capabilites more advanced than ever with instant access to and recording of call details and multimedia desktop enabled communication. Plus, with its large capacity and VoIP ISDN networking capability the Alcatel phone system is the ideal solution for networking multiple sites across the nation.